Top Sizing



45% ؜ potassium

potassium citrate and potassium acetate.


* Compound fertilizer high in potassium, soluble and easily absorbed.

*Its  important in the process of opening and closing stomata as well as regulating osmotic pressure inside cells. It prevents the accumulation of nitrogen in the leaves and the speed of its conversion into protein, thus increasing the yield. Increase the process of cell division and the representation of nucleic acids in plants. * Increase the transfer of carbohydrates from the foliage to the fruits, which leads to an increase in the size of the fruits. Increased firmness and high sugar content of fruits, which gives them a greater opportunity for export. Helps plants withstand many stresses such as drought, soil salinity, water and heat. Increase the percentage of sugar in root crops, such as: sugar beet – carrots – potatoes. Increase the storage efficiency of fruits and vegetables and potato tubers. Preventing the phenomenon of sleeping cereal crops such as wheat – rice – barley . Reducing the infection of plants with fungal diseases such as root rot – early blight – downy mildew


Top sizing is used for all types of crops, vegetables and fruits, sprayed on the foliage at the rate: 1 liter / 600 liters of water

Top sizing is used for all types of crops, vegetables and fruits with irrigation water at a rate: 2 liters per fadan


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