Smart Amino



Smart Amino: A liquid fertilizer that contains amino acids in a vegetable form


Smart Amino: pushes the plant to protein synthesis and increase the vegetative total

Smart Amino: It encourages the vegetative system of plants that have stopped germinating due to bad weather conditions

Smart Amino: improves hormonal balance, which helps stimulate buds, regulate flowering rate and stabilize knots, and increases the rate of production and representation of natural enzymes in the plant. Smart Amino: helps the plant to resist most stress conditions such as salinity, cold, high temperatures and thirst Growth within the plant and activation of photosynthesis processes, which is an important regulator of oxidation and reduction states of the protoplasm

Declared contents

amino acids 22%


 application and  usage

Smart Amino is used for all types of crops, vegetables and fruits by spraying on the vegetable total at a rate

liter / 600 liters of water 1

Smart Amino is used for all types of crops, vegetables and fruits with irrigation water at a rate

liter / feddan 25.1


Smart Amino accepts mixing with all fertilizers except for compounds containing calcium, sulfur and mineral oils. It is preferable to make an experiment before mixing

Shake before use

keep away from the reach of the children


The company guarantees the product under good storage conditions during the shelf life


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