Smart CU


Smart Cu is characterized by the presence of the copper element in the form of copper gluconate with high adhesion strength, which leads to the ease of absorbing the copper element inside the plant and benefiting from it as much as possible, as it helps to form lignin and wooden vessels, which increases the plant’s resistance to fungal diseases.

It also works on the entry of copper into the fungi and works to eliminate them

Urges the plant to strengthen its defenses against diseases by strengthening the cell walls and producing plant alexins that attack and eliminate pathogenic fungi

Declared contents

copper gluconate 6%

Other additives (gluconic acid) 55%

application and  usage 

Smart CU is used to compensate for copper deficiency and to increase the plant’s resistance to fungal and bacterial diseases as a spray on the leaves.

At a rate of: 1- 1.5 cm / liter of water

In the case of injection into the soil, use: 1.5 – 2.5 liters / feddan in one treatment with irrigation water, and this process is repeated once or twice at the end of the summer and winter seasons.


Smart CU does not accept mixing with alkaline or copper compounds or containing calcium, sulfur or mineral oils. Please do a small experiment before mixing

Shake before use

keep away from the reach of the children


The company guarantees the product under good storage conditions during the shelf life


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