Smart Cal Bor



10% calcium

calcium acetate


Smart Cal – has a great role in the formation of cell walls

Smart Cal – helps in the activity of many important enzymes in the plant

Smart Cal- prevents the appearance of physiological diseases caused by calcium deficiency such as flower tip rot in tomatoes, peppers, cantaloupes, watermelons, zucchini, cucumbers and mangoes, apple dead pit, brown spots inside mangoes, black heart in celery, and burnt edges of leaves in lettuce and cabbage and broccoli, hollow spots in carrots, not full pods of peanuts, brown heart disease in seeds, dead spots in potato and beet tubers. It also increases the plant’s ability to resist bacterial fungal diseases

Smart Cal – combats the symptoms of calcium deficiency as it is used for the prevention and treatment of calcium deficiency in all field crops, vegetable crops and fruit trees (such as: dryness of the growing tops of branches and roots, the appearance of dead cork spots on leaves and fruits, weak root growth and death)

Usage rate:

Smart Cal is used for all types of crops, vegetables and fruits as a sprinkler on the foliage at the rate of:

1 liter / 600 liters of water

Smart Cal is used for all types of crops, vegetables and fruits with irrigation water at a rate of: 1.5 liters per acre

Mixability: Smart Cal does not accept mixing with alkaline or copper compounds or containing calcium, sulfur or mineral oils

Shake before use.


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